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Get your biotech and pharmaceutical products to market faster with a single-source solution for smart clinical validation

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Bring your clinical trials to the next level

With the emergence of advanced personalized cell and gene therapies, patient treatment is becoming ever more complex and expensive. In fact, analysts confirm that ”the cost of taking a medicine from discovery to market […] is at least $2.5bn. […] 10-25 % could be cut from the cost of trials if digital technology were used to carry them out more efficiently.” Streamline and digitalize your clinical validation processes with a cloud-based solution and benefit from significant time savings and cost efficiencies.

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Key Features

Interconnected database allowing for more efficient patient recruitment
Flexible, intuitive, form-based eCRF

Interconnected database allowing for more efficient patient recruitment

Real-time monitoring and data visualizations
Patient surveys, including ePRO and eDiaries

Real-time monitoring

Additional Features

Icon Electronic patient database and biosample database

Icon Hosting on multiple secure servers

Icon Reporting of (serious) adverse events

Icon Import and export in CSV, Excel or PDF format

Icon Audit trail on datapoint level

Icon Electronic signature

Icon Query creation and processing

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