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All your research data in one holistic system

Bring an end to disconnected analog systems by applying a safe and fully digital solution to conduct your medical research projects in one place, without any administrative hassle. Climedo was developed in collaboration with Europe’s leading hospitals, such as the Charité in Berlin, and supports monocenter and multicenter research projects in the collection, exchange and analysis of all study-relevant data points in a structured, efficient, and reusable way.

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Key Features

Interconnected database including patient and biosample data
Real-time monitoring and data visualizations

Interconnected database

Self-service eCRF offering flexible, intuitive, form-based design
Patient surveys (ePRO and eDiaries).

Self-service eCRF offering flexible, intuitive, form-based design

Additional Features

Icon Reporting of (S)AEs and incidents

Icon User-friendly query management

Icon Data import and export in CSV, Excel and PDF

Icon Document upload, e.g. study protocol, guidelines, lab ranges

Icon Audit trail on datapoint level

Icon Hosting on multiple secure servers

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