Successful data capture for a Phase IV study with ePRO solutions

Successful data capture for a Phase IV study with ePRO solutions


February 24, 2021


Dragan | Co-Founder & CTO

We recently published a new case study with contract research organization (CRO) Pharmalog. As part of this project, Pharmalog used our digital patient diaries for a post-marketing study in the pharma sector. The Phase-IV study was commissioned by a Germany-based sponsor, and Pharmalog chose Climedo Health’s ePRO (“electronic Patient-Reported Outcome”) solution back in 2019 following a company audit. The goal of the study was to survey 450 subjects across 22 study centers about their health status and medication use on a daily basis. Over a 16-day period, the subjects would each receive an electronic patient diary via SMS and/or email. They could fill in the questionnaire conveniently on any device (mobile phone, tablet or computer). 


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5 Success Factors for ePRO

What were the benefits for the client?

Thanks to our platform, the sponsor, the CRO, the study centers and the monitors were able to benefit from significant time savings, workload reductions and improved patient compliance. The project was successfully completed by the summer of 2020. 


Here’s a quick summary of the main results: 


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What did Pharmalog say?

“Thanks to Climedo, we have achieved a significantly higher response rate as well as an improved completion rate for our eDiaries,” says Thomas Huber, Head of Data Management at Pharmalog. The solution was also well received by patients. An interim evaluation of the study was possible in no time – this would have been unthinkable with paper. The ePRO solution and the associated rapid data insights have therefore saved us a lot of time.”


Playbook: 5 Success Factors for ePRO Solutions in Clinical Studies

  • Electronic patient-reporting provides much higher data quality and better participation rates
  • ePRO supports you in complying to regulations and offers you flexible reporting options as well as simultaneous use with different users and roles
  • In this free playbook, we present five success factors for the use of ePRO solutions in clinical trials


Given that this clinical data capture project was so successful, we have already started our next project with Pharmalog and a different sponsor from the pharmaceutical industry. Stay tuned. 


The full case study is available for download here.


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Dragan | Co-Founder & CTO

Dragan | Co-Founder & CTO


Digital health entrepreneur. Passionate about clean UX and travelling to exotic countries. Creates products with love at Climedo Health.

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